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We are all-volunteer organization, and all of our budget comes from donations. No donation is too small...or too large! A receipt will be sent to your email, once a donation is processed using bank-level security. Donations of money or contributions in kind are also appreciated. Your donations are used to fund the meetings and inviting first-hand Baba contacts to Meher Baba Washington DC; our web site, our quarterly newsletter and other means of outreach; for Fellowship expenses; and also, to contribute to individuals in need and worthy community charities that are under-funded. Since we opened Meher Baba Washington DC, a community gathering place, in June 2015, we are encouraging regularly recurring donations, which we call subscriptions, to keep it going. These are like user fees for a valued service. Only if we have ongoing financial support can the entity continue to be available for community use. When you donate $25.00 per year, you become a Member of Meher Baba Washington DC.


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